Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sunny days

Today is a beautiful sunny day, and our spirits rise to that occasion. Last week when it rained all the time (didn't it?), many people talked about how they were longing for sun and trying not to be down in the dumps because of the clouds.

I work in an office with no windows, so as far as I'm concerned, every day can be a sunny day. Since I can't see out, I try to assume that the sun is shining. It's a choice I make.

In our lives, we get to choose every day - not whether or not the physical sun is out, but if our dispositions will reflect sunshine to ourselves and others. Our attitude toward each day is always a choice. If the day is bright or gloomy, we can still keep a positive outlook.

Spiritual communities help us do the work that it takes to focus on the positives no matter what life brings. We are a gift to each other as we remind one another to look for blessings and assume the best. I hope you do that for someone today, and someone returns the favor to you.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Friends, here's a poem I wrote last fall. I hope it reminds us that when we go looking for God and asking God to fill us with divine presence, we discover that God is already fully within us. We're not looking for more so much as we're asking to see more completely what we already have. Enjoy!

Deep within
A hunger longs to be filled
With the pure light of divine joy;
A thirst for life
Begs to be quenched
At the dancing, singing spring
Of the Beloved’s love.

And deeper still God whispers,
“I have already satisfied all hunger;
I have already slaked all thirst.

“Are we not one being – sacred Life?
Are you not born of all that I am?
That which you seek, you are -
All that and more -
For I have joined my Life with your living.
Let loose the joy
that rises from beneath your sighs.
With open heart
Receive what has already been given.
Sink deep into the waters of my love
And as you drown in the abundance of I Am
Rise to Life."

-Gretchen Daneke Graf
© 2009