Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Life

I grew up in Kansas, where spring is a beautiful season with flowers and amazing signs of new life everywhere. When I moved to North Dakota, I learned that spring is the season of dirty snow and mud - not my idea of signs of new life! Still, I don't want to spend the season depressed about what's not there and mad about what is. I'm learning to find different signs of spring and life than I used to. The first 33 degree day, sunshine that feels warm on my face once more, a small patch of grass where snow is receding... How we see each day is a choice we make, and we can see mud or we can see hope. Life is like that in every season: we can choose to see events and people which lift our spirits in any moment of any day. There's always life rising within and around us. It's a matter of seeing the signs.